About Us

Krystal Dairy, Inc. is a full  service distributor of high quality dairy products serving the entire Chicago metropolitan area. Established in 1987, our Family Owned business maintains close relationships with our customers and suppliers with proven reliability, dependability and dedicated employees.

We are widely known for our focus on high-quality products, fair pricing, consistent standards of customer service excellence, and guaranteed on-time delivery. 

Our commitment to consistent excellence customer service and uncompromising product quality is supported by the following list of total value we deliver to our customers every day:

  • 2nd Generation Business, founded 1987.

  • WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) Certified since 1989.

  • Uninterupted contracts since 1987.

  • Distributor of Dairy Products to Chicago and Suburban Schools, institutions, wholesale customers, day care facilities, and summer camps.

  • Strong commitment to sustainable business practices.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit.


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At Krystal Dairy, Inc. we have built our solid reputation with unmatched customer service, benefitting our customers more with total value delivered. Our company continues to embrace industry changes with a committed view of future opportunities and solid growth.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to present Krystal Dairy, Inc. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 




Kind regards,

 Mary Catherine Hrascinski


Krystal Dairy, Inc.